Me, with the nightline of Providence right behind me. Who could tell it was almost 8pm

Me, with the nightline of Providence right behind me. Who could tell it was almost 8pm

A couple of days after I landed, I discovered something that could have been a downside to the advantages I had enjoyed from my home service provider, MTN, since I touched down in Heathrow, and then Boston: I could be called from home, just like I was there. People who usually “flashed” my phone from Lagos and Ibadan kept doing so like I never left, and I sometimes wondered if I really was in the United States. Telemarketers from Nigeria kept sending me their text messages asking me to either open a bank account, advertise on NaijaRocks or watch the m-repporter show on Channels TV. Those who called me at midnight did so too, and that was welcome because by the time it was 12.30am in Nigeria, it was just 7.30pm here, and I could pick the call. (I know, this is not a perk I could rely on forever. I will be back home someday to resume that cycle of sleeplessness.)

Shopping at Radio Shack

Shopping at Radio Shack

Two days ago, a family member called me to ask where I had left the keys to the house well.
An unknown number from MTN sent me a “Please Call Me. I love you” message.
An old classmate invited me to her wedding taking place on 12th September, oblivious of my current immigrant status.
My mother (God bless her) sent a N750 MTN credit to me from her mobile phone. I loaded it first, then sent an email to my sister to let her know that I couldn’t possibly call back, but the money was appreciated. I am now able to send emails on my phone as well, even though I still can’t call back. (Thank you T-Mobile/MTN).

My most interesting discovery now is the fact that I could be sure that a particular close friend of mine (Bless you Omote me) will always call me between 11am and 12noon Nigerian time to say HI. What she probably does not know is that if not for her calls, I’d probably still be sleeping and snoring from all the tour and busy schedules of the previous day, and all the jetlag, and then miss breakfast or any other interesting activity for the day. She has almost now become my wake-up call.

MTN – Everywhere you go!
(Just like that friggn mosquito)

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