I have just taken my last dosage of malaria medication, and it feels good.

I was never a fan of drugs (medication, as my American friends call it). I was never a fan of needles either anyway, but when I think back to those times when we were young and mummy would use all the threats in the world before I would swallow one tablet of paracetamol, it feels strangely good now that I am able to complete a dose of thirteen tablets in four days all by myself, without a cane hovering all over me. Oh how time flies.

I slept early yesterday. I think it must have been earlier than seven o’clock, and I woke up at some minutes after one, all sweaty and feeling a little weak. They say I sweat because my body is in the process of evicting all these parasitic strangers, and I say OK. They have also said I am prone to malaria only because I’m AA. Bollocks. Give me an AS genotype if it will rid me of malaria forever. I am fed up of (tablet) swallowing, or (needle) poking.

Die Malaria, Die!
So that children can sleep more peacefully in the hot summer without worrying about covering.

Die Malaria, Die!
So that Nigerians may get their visas to America a little faster than they do now.

Die Malaria, Die!
So that our Caucasian friends don’t run away when they hear we are from Nigeria.

Die Malaria, Die!
So as to save us from the poisining of paraffin Mosquito Sprays and CO2 Mosquito Coils.

Die Malaria, Die!
So that we can still be able to donate blood to those who need it. (See attached photograph)

Source: http://www.bloodbook.com/donr-requir.html

Die Malaria, Die!


5 thoughts on “Die Malaria, Die!

  1. Mal(area) Must surely Die…

    There no night there without probosisal pokings.

    This Mal(area) must surely vanish.

    Into abyss where night skies are lit with sparkles of dying coals.

    Into a vault, where keeps the dreamless heads.

    Do not say u dont know Mal(area)!

    I come from there,
    land born dead amongst dream killers.

    I come from there, where no man is man unless hes criminal.

    My pasport is green, I come from there.

    Quinine was kind to malaria!
    Queen was cruel to mal(area).

  2. Come to think of it what is the fate of we AA if the threats are that malaria is our illness cos I have never been ill in over 5years and I do not hope too, especially if I keep my environment clean; so do further research before we go extinct.

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