Cougar Village#1. It has a lake.

#2. It is peaceful, quiet and romantic, and many people who live there would rather ride their bikes, or walk, than ride in their cars. One could hear the bird chirps and the frogs’ mating calls during long walks beside the lake.

#3. My flatmate, in addition to not knowing who Halle Berry is, also has never heard of the song/phenomenon “We Are the World.” Does this count?

#4. It has plenty deers, plenty geese, plenty cats and squirrels. It used to have two live cougars, but since one died and the other was donated to an animal centre, it doesn’t anymore.

#5. It is removed from school, and even far removed from downtown Edwardsville.

#6. It doesn’t have a public drinking bar.


#7. It has had a power outage at least once this month, which lasted for more than 12 hours.

#8. Almost everyone knows someone who knows someone that everyone knows. It only has 62 buildings – in which are 496 apartments. Each apartment has an average of three residents, so you know how many we are. We can’t form a local council in Nigeria even if we try.

#9. The buses that go there do so only on schedule – 15 minutes interval.

#10. It is called a Village, duh!

Watch out for 10 Reasons Why Cougar Village Is NOT A Village.


5 thoughts on “10 Reasons Why Cougar Village Is A Village

  1. What makes a place a village?
    What makes a village a village?
    Is it the people that make/makes it a village?
    Is it what they know that makes it a village?
    Is their innocence what makes it a village?
    Is knowing the whole members of the community what makes it a village?

    For me, Amina Way is a village!
    The chirping of birds, hopping of squirrels, frogs, hissing of snakes, dogs barking, laughter and arguments of passers-by, the few cars we are familiar with coming in and when a new automobile comes into the vicinity we all peep at intervals from our windows wanting to know the stranger/alien.
    Yet, many things happen outside that if we don’t go out or if people don’t come visiting, we’ll never know.
    Still, we are so knowledgeable about global happenings; thanks to the Amina Way’s rich dudes and satellite dishes.
    Serenity can almost make a place a village.
    But for someone not to have important or interesting information like you, doesn’t make where he resides a village.
    Remember the conversation you, Benson and I had about things we knew from childhood days which you never knew; we concluded that your childhood was deprived…oh Kola, Cola.

  2. Guess my comments is more than your write up. I was too passionate about your mates innocence(I think I am like that too)

  3. You have a bus every 15 minutes? That’s not a village sha. A village will have one bus every one hour from 6am to 6pm with the exception of 12noon to 2pm (because of lunch).

  4. organised transport system doesn’t make for a village oh, even in lagos we don’t have.
    i can imagine everybody knowing everybody since u guys aren’t so many. lol @ not being able to 4m a local council in 9ja

  5. I think the place should be called cute. Growing up in Lagos has made me a sucker for peaceful abodes. Bimbo’s reference to Amina Way has thrown me back to school years.

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