for October – an excerpt.

The heavy hum-dum of numb dumbbells lazing on a dirty rug

does not rise above this state, nor do the electro-carts that tug

in whimpers at his idle mind. There stirs and falls in random beats,

like hearts half-baked in a searing whirlwind of summer heats,

doses of silence, filtered in cold, frittered in the evening eye.

“It will not be tonight when the world ends.” Only a cycle crawls by.


A new man peers across a ledge, pondering time, pondering faces;

and only a thicket of quiet responds, louder than a din of dank spaces.

It bobs, it weaves a yarn of times. It reeks of a kind of cold, sour breath,

of stories told again and again; a non-listening ear. A certain death.

It is silent here now, as memory plays roughly along the helm of choice,

heaving noise: “It will not be tonight when the world ends,” in a low lone voice.


12 thoughts on “Home Alone, Traveller.

  1. This poem is profound at this time as always. Independence day for me has just become time off work and simply nothing more because I feel every day should make us think about ‘independence’ but not so; we always enslave ourselves with forced decisions or by our indecisions or by stacking off money meant for all or by enforcing amnesty without change.

    Most times I refuse to think about this country to maintain my sanity. I know I am guilty too…but we always refuse to sincerely look within and question…leaders and followers alike. We always seem to take the ‘siddon look posture’ every time. There will be the regular march past (with the labour officials and hungry students out of school will be forced to march) only that it is not the Queen waving, it is our own Umar with a slow wave and slumbering look. I fear the nation moves with its leaders attitude…I fear this independence would be just another mere ritual…and nothing more.

    With the way things are going, I fear not only today but tomorrow…

  2. going through the poem, animal farm comes to mind, and coming at a time like this i must confess its more than timely.
    uhm am happy I am not the only one having sleepless nights, thinking where will this end. i was having this discussing with a pal recently where we both agreed that Independent day march past should be boycotted, over taken by placard carrying youths protesting. how do you explain having to march wave and smile back at the same officials who jeopadizes your destiny.
    ….well done… i felt every line.

  3. i always say poetry is lost on me, its ‘deeper’ meaning i mean. maybe its because often i find it hard to see beyond the beauty of the words or the rhythm or some other thing which tugs at me.
    i love the flow, the use of words, the imagery this creates, and after reading a gazillion times, i’m proud to say i think i understand most of it. i like how you gave silence such life, such power.
    i like the imagery of the stories told over and over, the non listening ear, it strikes so close to home.
    what i’m tryna say is i really love this, so i should just stop rambling already…

  4. @Temitayo; i feel u on the not tnkn about Nigeria bcos u want to kip ur sanity. i think complacence is what is killing this country and i wish people would just stand and refuse to take any more of the bullshit being shoved down our throats.
    i wonder what will be left for the next generation. today is already gone…

  5. That i’m sure it will! better i mean. thanx for capturing what many people feel but cannot put into words.

    As per Nigeria, what more shall we say? i think that dwelling too much on the negatives is not healthy. that’s not living in denial, its just that we could focus instead on the things we could celebrate – like some of our youth who are doing big things nationally and globally. Lets keep hoping that more will join these pace-setters and that someday, somehow, we’ll get THERE…

    I’m gradually becoming addicted to ur blog, i pray i’m not reading u when i should be studying…

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  9. I’ve not been able to reply the individual comments to this poem, which has now been dethroned by Pounded Yam as the most popular post of all time on this blog. Sigh. Thank you all. An updated version which includes a new verse has been published on the latest issue of the Maple Tree Literary Supplement, Canada. Find it here: http://www.mtls.ca/issue5/writings-poetry-tubosun.php. Who knows, maybe there’s a new verse still coming soon…

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