30092009146910. It lasts for too long. I’ve been here since August, and from what I hear, it will get colder and colder until March.

9. It has cost me a fortune in buying coats, gloves, and boots, hats and shawls that I might not need anymore by the time I leave here in the spring.

8. It has a way of showing me out of a crowd. Wearing three shirts and a sweater, it’s never hard to pick me out of a crowd, especially when everyone else is wearing just one shirt and jeans each, and some in shorts.

7. I have to take hot baths every day.

6. It is windy, and often unpredictable.

5. It keeps me in bed longer.

4. It has dried up my skin, and now my palms look like a snake changing skins. I also think I’m getting fairer complexioned.

3. It’s unavoidable, inescapable. Being claustrophobic. I know that there will be a time when it will make me feel like I’ve been stacked in a cold freezer, with nowhere to go, and it will feel like the end of the world. What will I do then?

2. It will soon prevent me from riding my bike when it starts snowing, or typing blog posts when I have to wear gloves all day.

1. Nobody seems to have anything else to say to me when I broach the topic other than: “Oh no, this is not cold yet. Wait until a few weeks/months time.”

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