I received an email from Belinda, the head of the Foreign Language department, this morning, and it contains an invitation to a “GermanFest” on Friday taking place in the little town of Belleville, just a few minutes from Edwardsville. The event – rather than being a feast on Germans (which, when I think about it, might not be such a bad idea) – is a barbecue cum all-you-can eat event featuring mainly quality German cuisine, it read. According to her, “there is no language restriction”, and everyone is welcome. Very nice. It will definitely be a welcome break from my daily ritual of cheese pizza and lemonade.DSC_0007_JPG

The menu however, as the invitation states, will include Sauerbraten, Bratwurst, Schwein Schnitzel, Potato Soup, Sweet & Sour Red Cabbage, Spaetzle, German Chocolate Cake, and much more. Since I have heard about only one of these names before, and actually tasted none, I am wondering whether it might not be a good idea to purchase an insurance on my appetite before-hand, just in case this doesn’t turn out to be one of my most-informed culinary decisions.

Was denken Sie?

5 thoughts on “Germanfest!

  1. German food is the best, although it’s kind of heavy. It mostly revolves around meat, potatoes and cabbage. Yum!! Of course, I like it so much because it’s mostly the kind of food I’m used to from my early childhood on. I start salivating the second I read this wonderful list of dishes. People who aren’t used to it are sometimes a little put off by the heaviness of this cuisine.

  2. I wished I could invite you to a complete lunch, e.g. to a main course of Sauerbraten with Sauerkraut and Böhmische Knödel or Saumagen with Sauerkraut and Leberknödel or Bratwurst with Kartoffelbrei and Karotten-Erbsen-Gemüse or Fisch with Salzkartoffeln and Spinat or Pellkartoffeln with Quark or Kartoffelsuppe or Gemüseeintopf with a side dish of Kopf-, Feld-, Eisberg-, Gurken-, Tomaten- or Bohnensalat followed by a dessert of Apfelstrudel, Nusstorte or (soon) Weihnachtsplätzchen or Lebkuchen and a Palatinate wine such as Dornfelder, Burgunder and Riesling or the versions with less alcohol such as Most and Glühwein. 🙂

  3. @Bola,
    I could not go to the event yesterday, unfortunately.
    What this means is that I’m now free to take you up on that invitation to complete lunch with you. A true Germanfest.

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