These are a few random pictures from the Le Claire Festival at Edwardsville Park, yesterday, just by the beautiful fountain lake.

If my computer quits misbehaving, I’d put up some more pictures from the event which included a book fair/cheap book sales, live music, outdoor eating and barbecue, popcorn and exhibition of historical materials, photos and artworks.



7 thoughts on “Yesterday

  1. I’m so upset to have missed this event! I love book fairs, I live for them. But somehow, I always find out about great local events when it’s too late. Urrrgh!!

  2. Oh, so sorry about that.
    I did not know about the event until I got there myself. It was a pleasant surprise when my professor took us directly from church to the fair. I was lucky to be able to get a few nice books for less than a dollar.

    • Books for less than a dollar?? You have to rub it in, huh? 🙂 🙂

      On a different note, our Belinda is the best. I’ve never worked for such a nice Chair. (don’t tell her I said it, though.)

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