Here are a few more photos of the fall (although I think that a little after the fall, we should start referring to the rot season. That’s when all the leaves that have fallen, start getting rotten on the ground. Along with the incessant rain nowadays, the feeling of walking or riding through the numerous leaves is one of the best things of the season. I heard that it’s raining non-stop in Nigeria as well. How do we explain that? I used to think that non-stop rain in a characteristic of the month of July at home. What am I missing? Well, enjoy these photos, especially the ones I took at night yesterday on my ride back from a long day of class and of teaching.


2 thoughts on “Night

  1. Nice shots of fall scenery! Thanks KT! I work at home now (freelance translation) and the only thing I miss about going to an office on a daily basis is the bike ride there and back!! These photos bring back some fond memories and remind me to schedule some errands by bike very soon!

    • Hi Delphic,
      I’m glad you like them.
      Freelance translation eh? It’s all falling into place now. What other languages do you speak/work on beside English and French? I know that the good thing about working at home is the freedom it gives you. I can definitely relate to you on that level.
      Time for me to go out again and enjoy the scenery of the fall. Thanks for stopping by.

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