IMG_1263IMG_1264IMG_1273IMG_1275IMG_1286IMG_1287IMG_1290IMG_1297IMG_1302IMG_1320IMG_1331IMG_1307IMG_1323IMG_1276IMG_1329IMG_1350IMG_1374IMG_1359IMG_1411IMG_1498Here are the final set of photos taken at the International Night celebration of cultures here on campus. It’s an annual event featuring drama, songs, dance and food from different parts of the world. Visitors also came from different parts of the country for the event that has become famous for its diversity. The roll call of countries featured either in the programme’s activities, food menu, or the guest list of where the visitors came from includes but is not limited to Nigeria, Israel, Egypt, Iran, Benin, Cameroon, Ghana, Ivory Coast, Germany, France, India, Kenya, Palestine, Phillipines, Nepal, England, Spain and Turkey.

Needless to say, it was an enchanting night of beautiful people, beautiful performances and beautiful food. A notable member of the audience was Nigerian poet Obi Nwakama whom I was meeting however briefly for the first time.

The next big programme of this magnitude will take place next March. It is the African Student’s Night, and from what I hear, it will be (almost) just as grand as this one, and I look forward to it. But even if I miss it inevitably, I will retain the image from this event where a masquerade from West Africa showed up on an American stage and captivated the audience with energetic dance steps for more than twenty minutes. Of all the beautiful performances of the night, there was no denying the colour and energy of the African masquerade, even on a foreign soil.

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