• Indian guys with ear pads and who don’t smile back.
  • Freezing fingers.
  • Uniformed Chauffeurs in front of really tall buildings.
  • Two second eye contact.
  • Puerto Rican Salvation Army volunteer who doesn’t get annoyed when he insists that he’s not from Mexico.
  • Busy-looking pedestrians with carry-ons, heading nowhere, heading somewhere.
  • African-American Salvation Army volunteers who dance, who ring bells, who sing while selling two dollar leaflets.
  • Tall building that block the morning sun.
  • Two jokes from a street vendor:
  • 1. “Here’s the secret to playing golf: Wear two socks just in case you get a hole in one.” Ah-ha!
  • 2. “Q: What’s Beethoven’s favourite fruit? A: Banananana.”
  • An Art Institute with endless exit corridors that lead into one another.
  • An art institute with exits that pass through a gift shop.
  • Museum officials who speak French.
  • Bennigans Grill and Tavern with 15 mins waiting time.
  • Senseless arguments on the differences in champagne and white sparkling wine.
  • Exhilaration on the Sky Deck overlooking the famous city.
  • Problematic calculations on tipping.
  • Slow Africans at traffic go lights.
  • Grant Park.
  • Traffic lights.
  • Tourists with the slowest feet.
  • Impatient Africans at traffic stop lights.
  • A city that never stops demanding.
  • The Magnificent Mile.
  • Cold Wind
  • Fast-moving feet.
  • Pedestrians that keep walking even when the sign says “stop”.
  • Road signs that read “West” when it means to read “East”.
  • White working-class women with iPods earplugs who text while crossing the road.
  • Tax on food purchased at restaurants which doesn’t include tips.
  • Waitresses who smile.
  • Old white men who don’t acknowledge greeting nods.
  • Old black men who seek eye contact.

It’s Chicago, the windy city. It’s Chi-town, birthplace of Hillary Clinton in the land of Lincoln.

It is Chicago, a city on the Michigan Lake. It’s Chi-town, home of the president. A city of lights and lightening warmth. A city that sleeps with its eyes wide open.


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