IMG_1933IMG_2071IMG_2212IMG_2342IMG_2343IMG_2222IMG_2251IMG_2355IMG_2283IMG_2294IMG_2259IMG_2301IMG_2223IMG_2214IMG_2298IMG_2269IMG_2315IMG_2323IMG_2094IMG_2125These photos are some of the over five hundred shots that I was able to take on the streets of Chicago. On the first day, I took almost three hundred. Their locations vary, from the Union Bus Station the Sears Towers, Congress Parkway, Navy Pier, Shedd Acquarium, Chicago Arts Institute to Lake Michigan, Michigan Avenue, Buckingham fountain, and Grant Park.

I can’t put them all up at once, that’s for sure. If there’s something else beside the presence of a sense of order and perfection, it’s the picture-perfectness of the much of the city. Well, downtown. I am fairly sure that on the South side, famous for a level of violence, it might not have been the same. However, I hope to visit those not so perfect areas one day in the future. My initiation into this city could not be complete with only a view of its picture-perfect sides.

Enjoy the photos.


4 thoughts on “Art Chicago

  1. Oh, I love Chicago. thanks for the beautiful pictures, they make me feel nostalgic for this great city.

    If you want to see a place that is less than picture-perfect, to put it very very mildly, St. Louis is a place to go. I’ve just been there and it looks scarier than Detroit, which says a lot. The downtown looks abandoned and dilapidated. The outskirts look like very few places in my Thrid World country. It’s very sad. Of course, as we know, St.Louis has the highest unemplyment rate of all cities in the US. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

    • lol. Thanks for stopping by.

      You don’t like St. Louis at all, do you? lol. I’ve actually been meaning to do a photo shoot of some nice places there, but I have not had the time. I think it always depends on where one looks. For instance, I was in front of the capitol dome earlier today while coming from Chicago. At 6am, it looked so magnificence with perfect lighting, dawning sky and the Arch at a distance. When I get enough to make a post, I will put them up. I have also noticed that some really crappy places look so nice on photo if the camera or lighting is good, or the photo is taken at a certain angle. I however agree with you that St. Louis is not as bubbly as Chi-town, but it still has its bright lights.

      btw. How was the celebration? You do owe me a piece of cake, you know? ๐Ÿ˜‰

  2. I don’t hate St.Louis, I just feel pained by its poverty. I hope it starts to recover gradually. I know it could e a great place, but that would take a lot of time.

    We didn’t have one huge wedding celebration. Instead, we will have small localized celebrations spread out throughout the next year. It will be a sort of a wedding year, instead of a wedding day.

    I”d love to celebrate with you if we finally manage to meet. This department proved to be quite labyrinthic. ๐Ÿ™‚

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