By the Lincoln Statue at Grant Park, Chicago

I woke up today with an overwhelming sense of lassitude which has characterized my Thursday mornings. I have named them lethargic because they are usually the day of the week when I’m most useless to myself and to society. For the past three months, I have spent the better part of this day in bed with my earphone in my ears and a laptop on my lap. Or sometimes on the sofa flipping through the interminable channels on American television. Maybe it is from working all day on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesdays till late in the night, but whenever I wake up on Thursday, I only think of getting back into bed. Today is one of those days, and minus a little occasional effort around the bathroom and towards the door to get delivery of ordered food, I have been indoors.

It could be the cold, the gradually reducing temperature. It could also be the change in seasons that makes sure that it is already dark by 3pm. It is mostly the fact that I don’t usually have any campus obligation on Thursdays. And to cap up the already lazy week is the fact that next week is totally work-free. Yes indeed. By this time next week, we will be celebrating the annual Thanksgiving Holiday in the United States. It is however a week-long holiday that ensures that no one goes to school or work. Everyone stays at home to eat, drink and be merry. For my apartment, it will be very lonely as my two American housemates are heading home. It will be this traveller alone in the large apartment, pondering time, paces and spaces. This is usually a time when poetry descends from its high realm of the heavens. It will definitely be a long week.


It could also be the withdrawal symptoms from the open spaces of Chicago. Truly, my Thursdays are usually lethargic, but this particular level of slowness is unprecedented and could only have resulted from my three days on Chicago’s streets. So what if I had spent a week there, or even a month? I probably would never have wanted to return here in a hurry. That city is endearing in a way that is not too pushy, yet it entices. I can’t say the same of Lagos, Nigeria where I usually always seek to escape from at the slightest opportunity. Next month will find me in Washington DC, New York (probably) and the state of Maryland. It will be a chance to compare the differences in the behaviour of big cities. Of course, thinking only of the cold, I would probably just wish that I can stay here in Edwardsville where somehow I’ve been able to adjust to the gradually lowering temperature.

I need ideas of something fun to do for one whole week, besides the Turkey-eating activities of Thursday which will take place as scheduled in the right homes of my host parents at Edwardsville.


4 thoughts on “Lethargic Thursday

  1. Go back to Chicago! Don’t stay at home alone!! Happy Holidays!
    Well, I envy you dear Kola, you have along weekend where you can travel, and rest, as far as I am concerned, I work every day, five days a week, having only Saturday and Sunday left. I can’t do much as time is consumed by making my laundry, cleaning, and resting a bit. So yes definitely if you have time, go to those big cities around you. See America and have fun!

    • Thank you dear Maha.
      I think I know what I’m going to do between now and Thursday. Read, read, read. I’ve got this George Carlin’s “Last Words”, a memoir, and it’s a page turner, along with dozens of work lining up my table.
      I’ve also remembered that I’m not so idle after all. I have a term paper to submit to my two Linguistics professors. Remember that I’m not just a professor myself but a student, and if I must hope to come out in flying colours, I must be as serious in teaching as in studying. No wonder I feel stressed every week. Meanwhile, the Chicago option seem very tempting, but I’ll pass. I may go to St. Louis though. I’ve postponed the individual scheduled trip into the heart of that city for too long already. Let’s see how it all plays out. Chicago is too far, and a little too costly for my recession-conscious purse. But I will be back there someday soon, surely, as soon as I get a bailout ;).
      How are you enjoying Colorado? You guys have had snow since October. Very impressive. You definitely should use this coming holiday week for some travelling of your own as well, maybe go bobsledding…

  2. Go to Chicago or elsewhere if you can, especially if you have company, otherwise it might be as lonely as in your apartment.
    You can order all the seasons of any of Prison Break, 24, The Unit, The Wire, The Pretender, The Supranos, The Shield or Six Feet Under. Time will fly!

    • You’re right about the movies. I will not be lacking them when the time comes. Prison Break has already bored me to death before I left home. After the third season, I think the series lost its edge and its originality. Everything else from there dragged on for too long, for no good reason. Will try 24, definitely, if the time allows. I’ll let you know.
      Did you get the Boston Legal Season 5 I sent? It’s caps the series very nicely and very hilariously too.

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