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Open Society Institute


Laurensonline.com – The Lagos shoe folks


http://www.sarabamag.com – A LitMag


http://www.alestlelive.com, the student news publication of the Southern Illinois University, Edwardsville

Story Time, a short story publishing collective.


Sentinel Nigeria Magazine – A new LitMag


Politics and the English Language – Article by George Bernard Shaw that every aspiring writer should read.

Shooting an Elephant – An Essay by George Bernard Shaw

The Danger of a Single Story – by Chimamanda Adichie


Love Unspoken, a poem

An old, but still favourite poem.

Still, I Rise – A Poem, recited by Maya Angelou.

Why Can’t The English – From My Fair Lady

One other really old poem that always brought back memories.

I Can Never Unlove You – read by poet Eugene Redmond


The Mardi Gras in St. Louis,  (February 19, 2010) NEXT

10 Questions for Paula Varsavsky (March 6, 2010) NEXT

Meeting Paula Varsavsky (March 6, 2010) NEXT

Staging the African-American Experience (March 6, 2010) NEXT

Behind the Door, a short story. (May 2009) Story Time


Never Far Away – Lagbaja

E Wa Jo – JJC

This particular country song by Don Williams.

Sweet Music Man, performed by Kenny Rogers, and then Reba MacEntire


George Carlin’s comic but profound take on Death, The Ten Commandments, and Airline Announcements.

Madam & Eve Cartoons from South Africa.


Clarissa’s blog on feminism and a few other matters.

Richard Ali on Nigerian Literature and the Arts

Naijablog – A Brit in Nigeria: views and links.

Jude Dibia – Author of Unbridled and Walking With Shadows

Novuyo Rosa – The Pen and I: A South-African writer

Ruona Godwin-Agbroko – Journalist and 2010 Nial Fitzgerald Scholar

Loomnie – thoughts of a Nigerian Anthropologist in Europe.

Ethan Zuckerman – My Heart’s in Accra.

Wordsbody – Nigerian Writer and Arts Journalist

Aloofar – Adventures in the mind of an advertising artist.

Tolu Ogunlesi – CNN African Journalist (Arts and Culture) of the Year 2009.

Verastically Speaking – A Nigerian lifestyle blog from Maryland.


From this blog:

Connecting With A Certain Past

The First Class

Home Alone, Traveller

Is “Oyinbo” a Derogatory Word?

It’s Been Twenty

Qs & As

I Could Be Jewish, You Know!

6 Degrees of Separation

“Oh Kola, You’re Really Tall”

And There Was (NO) Light!

Hollow Friday

Thinking of Home

Yorubaland as Disneyland

The Second Class

How Not To Brush Your Teeth In America

To Jolaade

How I Discovered The Value Of A Quarter


Why I Am Malnourished


Google Earth


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