I have officially lost my faith in internet weather forecasts.

090920091243Today I went out in a t-shirt, the first time in weeks, only because the forecast at http://www.weather.com said it would not get colder than 24degrees centigrade, and I felt I could handle it. It was a good thing that I went with my hooded cardigan, for security, which turned out to be a good decision. Just a few hours after I started heading back home from my Wednesday teaching class, I felt that I was begining to freeze. There was no way this could be 24degrees. And this time, unlike the many other times, I found that I was the only person feeling so cold. My friend from my Linguistics class, Chris, was sweating as we both walked back to my apartment from school. Horror.

I went to Yahoo Weather to check out the temperature. They said it’s 26degrees. No way!

I have now switched the house air conditioning which was left on by the flatmates off. I tried on my new fleece gloves and they fit. I got them from Amazon.com only a few days ago, and I have been careful not to leave them carelessly in the house lest my flatmates begin to take pity on me – the tropical traveller who wears winter gloves in September. In any case, my fingers in the gloves looked like that of a grizzly bear and I couldn’t locate the keys on my keyboard, nor use the touchpad on my laptop. I’ve pulled them off just to type this post. They will be back on as soon as the adjusted American flatmates return to switch the Air Conditioning back on, and I will retreat into the duvet, behind two thick clothings and beneath a heat-generating laptop. God Bless Dell.

PS: I have checked the weather websites again now, only to find that the weather forecasts I read in the morning described both highs and lows of the day. Darn. I must have noted only the high: 24/26 and ignored the low: 15/16. Next time, when I go out from now on, I’ll have my fleece gloves in my bag pocket. Maybe I should order for one more pair!

One thought on “The Traveller Is Freezing!

  1. They no go kill you and remember whether it said high or low humans are fallable by their assertion. If you followed my advice of sitting or sleeping in the freezer you wouldn’t care to read the weather forecast. lol and swak to keep you warm always.

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